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February 20, 2024

ELYON’s Services for Leading Defense Manufacturer

Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux Technical Support

As a trusted partner, ELYON delivers specialized technical support for Red Hat Linux and Oracle Linux. Our services align within a defined scope of work (SOW). Notably, we focus on the following areas:

  1. Oracle TAM Services:

We serve as the Oracle Technical Account Manager (TAM), resolving complex and time-sensitive issues promptly. Our role extends beyond problem-solving—we mobilize an extended team of engineering and support experts.

     2.  Escalated Ticket Resolution:

Acting as intermediaries, we coordinate resources and engage specialized expertise. Faster restoration and resolution for escalated tickets are our priority.

    3.  Advocacy and Progress Assessment:

We advocate for our partner with Oracle, ensuring swift and efficient problem-solving. Quarterly we review dashboard reports that track key performance indicators (KPIs) and software trends.

    4.  Challenges and Security Prioritization:

We assist with IT challenges, bringing in resources to troubleshoot issues. Proactive security planning is essential—we advise on tools and approaches to enhance defense against risks.

    5.   Patching Strategy and Security Tools:

Our guidance ensures a proactive patching strategy. We activate the right security tools as a barricade against threats.

    6.  Bi-Weekly Meetings and Future Planning:

We hold regular meetings to enhance our understanding of the mission and environment. We discuss open support cases, upcoming product migrations, and deployment strategies. It’s key that our trusted feedback extends to shaping future product features and updates.


ELYON’s commitment to technical excellence empowers our partner’s defense initiatives. We stand ready to safeguard critical systems and enhance security.