We provide the technology solutions you need to enhance public services, improve efficiency, and increase transparency for the citizens we serve

About the industry

Technology Modernization In Government

Successful projects hinge on a robust execution strategy, technical approach, and a proven team with a history of successful modernization efforts.

ELYON's strategies empower you to prioritize projects based on impact and success probability. Impact is gauged by user effect, risk reduction, opportunity enablement, and common solutions. Success probability is measured by team strength and project strategy. ELYON delivers on both fronts for your modernization needs.


High Value Assets:

Support to priority assets and services


Identity, Credential, and Access Management

Digital Government:

Increase access, reduce fraud, and improve delivery

Multi-Agency Collaboration:

Support shared services and cloud infrastructure

We deliver IT excellence tailored to your agency's need:

Experience superior IT solutions – our excellence shines in expertise, tailored solutions, security, scalability, innovation, and unwavering client-centric support for your needs.

Our Solutions


Updating and improving the foundational components of your IT environment.

Applications & Software

Future-proof your applications, enhance their value, and ensure they remain relevant.


Ensure compliance with data governance standards. Derive maximum value from your data assets.


Enhance agency’s security infrastructure, overall security posture, protect sensitive data, and mitigate risks associated with cyberattacks.

Technology Integration Across The Levels Of Government We Serve

Advancements in technology and the increasing importance of digitization have state, local, and federal agencies embracing modernization to create more efficient, responsive, and citizen-centric public services.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

We assess risks, develop protocols, monitor threats, and safeguard your organization's data to help you Secure digital assets and ensure compliance.

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Digital Government

Collaborate with us for enhanced citizen experiences. We innovate digital services, improving accessibility and elevating customer engagement with forward-thinking solutions.

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IT Workforce and Talent Solutions

We meet IT demands effortlessly. Our skilled professionals fill gaps, boosting your organization's capacity with top-tier talent for seamless operations.

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Legacy and Application Modernization

Revitalize your software landscape. Our experts create custom solutions, integrate third-party software, and modernize applications for enhanced functionality and performance.

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Identity and Access Management

Confidently control access. We implement IAM solutions, ensuring secure identification of users accessing your organization’s services and resources.

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Cloud Services

Let’s maximize your cloud potential. From migration planning to infrastructure optimization, we specialize in cloud security, cost efficiency, performance monitoring, and native development.

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Data and Information Management

Unlock data insights. Our experts design models, implement governance strategies, build pipelines, and leverage analytics tools for meaningful data management and analysis.

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Portfolio and Project Management

Boost your IT investments. Our team elevates PPM maturity, coordinates activities, manages resources, and ensures successful implementation for optimal project outcomes.

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Where We Operate

Our operations span strategic locations, ensuring efficient service delivery. Explore the map and see where excellence meets global impact.