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February 20, 2024

ELYON’s Services for NPS Spatial Fire Management Plans

FMP GIS Data Management

  1. Data Collection and Consolidation:
    • We collect data from various parks in different projections and formats.
    • Our expertise lies in consolidating this diverse data and loading it into the FMP Geodatabase.
  2. LANDFIRE Data Processing:
    • We download and process critical LANDFIRE data, including fuels, vegetation, and fire return intervals.
    • This information is essential for effective fire management planning.
  3. Online Data Acquisition:
    • We search for and download additional project-appropriate data from reputable sources such as NPS, USGS, and DHS.
    • Our goal is to enhance the richness of the geospatial dataset.
  4. Topological Data Integrity:
    • We perform edits, enhance feature class attributes, and ensure topological integrity.
    • Accurate data is crucial for informed decision-making.
  5. Geoprocessing and Derived Data Sets:
    • Our team conducts geoprocessing tasks, including overlays, to enhance data usefulness.
    • Derived data sets are created for thematic maps and analysis.
  6. Tabular Analysis:
    • We analyze GIS data and present insights in tables, graphs, and charts.
    • Unplanned ignition statistics guide fire management strategies.
  7. Metadata Maintenance and Automation:
    • Basic feature class metadata is meticulously maintained.
    • Custom Python scripts automate routine tasks.

FMP Maps and Mapsheets

  1. Thematic and Reference Maps:
    • We effectively develop a wide range of thematic and reference map projects (ArcGIS MXDs).
    • These maps cover all aspects of fire management planning, tailored to each park’s unique circumstances.
  2. Cartographic Excellence:
    • Our cartographers consistently follow sound principles to create visually effective maps.
    • Whether using ICS symbols or other effective symbology, clarity is our priority.
  3. Data Queries and Tables:
    • We perform queries to retrieve subsets of the most useful data for display.
    • Data tables are included in maps to support feature layers (e.g., fuel type descriptions, expected fire behavior).
  4. Mapsheets for Components:
    • Individual mapsheets are developed based on specific themes within fire management programs.
    • Clear, consistent information is presented, limiting excessive text.
  5. Concise Text Descriptions:
    • When necessary, we use concise text descriptions to complement maps and other graphic content.
    • Our goal is to enhance understanding and facilitate decision-making.


ELYON’s geospatial expertise ensures that NPS’s fire management plans are well-informed, visually compelling, and strategically effective.