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Explore a range of innovative solutions tailored to elevate your business. From cutting-edge products to top-notch services, discover the transformative capabilities that define success.

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ELYON’s products and outcome-based services center on CIO priorities. Our solutions empower organizations and government agencies to leverage technology, foster competitiveness and achieve long-term success in record time. From cybersecurity, cloud services, portfolio and project management, to tooling such as Scrum on Demand and Slate, ELYON, with nearly thirty years of experience, is poised to deliver exceptional value.


Updating and improving the foundational components of your IT environment.

Applications & Software

Future-proof your applications, enhance their value, and ensure they remain relevant.


Ensure compliance with data governance standards. Derive maximum value from your data assets.


Enhance agency’s security infrastructure, overall security posture, protect sensitive data, and mitigate risks associated with cyberattacks.

Explore our Products and Services

IT modernization affects various components of the digital ecosystem. While the specific areas of focus can vary, depending on organizational needs, the following are common areas of improvement and key initiatives.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

We assess risks, develop protocols, monitor threats, and safeguard your organization's data to help you Secure digital assets and ensure compliance.

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Digital Government and Digital Services

Collaborate with us for enhanced citizen experiences. We innovate digital services, improving accessibility and elevating customer engagement with forward-thinking solutions.

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IT Workforce and Talent Solutions

We meet IT demands effortlessly. Our skilled professionals fill gaps, boosting your organization's capacity with top-tier talent for seamless operations.

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Legacy and Application Modernization

Revitalize your software landscape. Our experts create custom solutions, integrate third-party software, and modernize applications for enhanced functionality and performance.

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Identity and Access Management

Confidently control access. We implement IAM solutions, ensuring secure identification of users accessing your organization’s services and resources.

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Cloud Services

Let’s maximize your cloud potential. From migration planning to infrastructure optimization, we specialize in cloud security, cost efficiency, performance monitoring, and native development.

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Data and Information Management

Unlock data insights. Our experts design models, implement governance strategies, build pipelines, and leverage analytics tools for meaningful data management and analysis.

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Portfolio and Project Management

Boost your IT investments. Our team elevates PPM maturity, coordinates activities, manages resources, and ensures successful implementation for optimal project outcomes.

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Developed by investigators for investigators, in8Cite streamlines the investigative process cutting down on hours and personnel needed for investigations. In short, In8Cite is documented, defendable due diligence.

  • Organize: Quickly import, manage and analyze evidence and supporting documentation
  • Report: Create reports with in-line hyperlinked citations that dynamically link to and display supporting documentation.
  • Share: Create a Linked PDF Report – a single PDF file containing the report, hyperlinked citations to supporting documents, and the supporting documents themselves


Developed by investigators for investigators, Slate is a first-of-its-kind integrated investigative platform that simplifies the investigative process from data gathering and analysis to collaboration among teams and agencies. (Releases Spring 2024)

  • Cuts down on hours and personnel needed for investigations and compliance reports.
  • Patented, AI-enhanced technology that creates visual representations of investigations.
  • User-friendly application and intuitive design to efficiently manage large amounts of data.
  • Simplifies collaboration across complex multi-agency environments both in-person and remotely

Scrum On Demand

ScrumOnDemand is a global IT talent hiring platform that allows talent and clients to collaborate on a wide range of projects

  • Facilitates the hiring process allowing both talent and clients to easily vet potential collaborators.
  • Streamline the project management process from hiring and establishing project goals, to milestone-based payments.
  • Easily connect with highly skilled talent and reputable companies/clients all over the world.