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March 9, 2021

ELYON International expands their GIS Services

Elyon International’s team of experienced professionals help solve customer issues with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the capability to relate previously unrelated information, through the use of location intelligence. ELYON provides effective GIS solutions that support the strategic goals of our government and commercial customers.

Working with the Bureau of Land Management, we have developed mobile and web-based GIS tools and applications, including remote sensing, mapping, and valuable training guides, as well as other web services. For the National Park Service, we have developed fire mapping plans to address fire mitigation practices and park evacuation techniques in the event of a fire to protect staff and guests. ELYON has a long history with the USDA-NRCS, supporting the Farm Bill Program using GIS to manage the land, including when and where to plant specific crops to maximize production while maintaining our natural resources.

GIS technology helps Cities and Municipalities plan growth, manage maintenance of infrastructure and critical systems such as water and power systems, roadways and rail systems, as well as daily operations. Manufacturing profits from GIS by being able to visualize and plan for Operational choke points, smoothing supply channels, increasing efficiencies and growing profits.

Our partnership with Esri as a Bronze Member in the Partner Network opens up additional avenues in which we can serve our customers. Esri’s ArcGIS Platform delivers market-leading maps and location services as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that integrate location into app and business systems with maps and the most comprehensive, high-quality set of location services and data available.

Partners can develop with open source APIs and the web frameworks of their choice. Additionally, ArcGIS Platform offers a full range of SDKs, APIs, and low-code options that reduce time to market and promote creative design. It’s an affordable and open location-focused PaaS for software developers, businesses, and organizations that need to bring maps and location services into their products, solutions, and systems.

Esri also offers a comprehensive set of analytical tools to help understand data. These tools work both client-side for highly interactive user experiences as well as server-side to help you scale with massive amounts of data.

Other services we offer include Enterprise GIS Architecture, Mobile GIS Applications and Tools Development, GeoDatabase Development, and Remote Sensing Acquisition and Analysis. Take a moment and see some of the solutions that ELYON International has provided with Geospatial Information Systems!