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February 16, 2024

Our Innovative Product Developments

Our dedicated team has been hard at work, and we are proud to introduce three innovative products. Two of our products are for anyone responsible for Compliance and Investigative Reporting  “InCite8,  Slate” and “SCRUM on Demand” a talent marketplace:

An intuitive standardized process software designed for crafting citation-based efficient hyperlinked reports.  “InCite8” allows a deep dive into required reporting that enables the user to gain insight to draw conclusions and make powerful recommendations that are backed by references that support documentation.

  • SLATE – Investigative Forensic Accounting Software 

Our leading investigative software is set for beta testing in January 2024 and a Spring launch. SLATE provides an integrated, tech-driven solution for an entire investigative lifecycle. Users can seamlessly organize, evaluate, report, and collaborate on investigations.

ELYON’s InCite8 and Slate product offerings are led by MichaelPayne, a former 27-year IRS Special Agent, money laundering and securities fraud expert. Don’t just write a report; elevate it with “Cite”. Now available for purchase. To learn more on how “InCite8 and Slate” can assist your organization in forensic investigations and report writing please contact – Mark Greco, Director of Sales, marc.greco@elyoninternational.com  

In 2022,  we were accepted in Microsoft’s Women in Cloud project to create our own application called SCRUM on Demand.  SCRUM is a talent marketplace that brings clients and talent together globally, building communities of enriched people, empowered companies, and propelling a cycle of continuous growth and Launched in 2022.

To learn more about our products, visit www.elyoninternational.com